Hall Sensor 49E got HOT when connected

I'm using a 49E hall effect sensor that was part of a sensor kit from china, it is on a small straightfoward PCB. The MCU is a ESP12E (8266) and that is connected to PC via USB.

I used pinouts from images on google.

Pin 1: VCC - connected it to Vin
Pin 2: Gnd - Connected to gnd
Pin 3: Sig - Connected it to A0

Plug in USB to PC. Touch sensor within 2 seconds and it is burning hot! What is wrong here? Bad sensor?

Not a good sign.

Yeah, I'll have to add more onto my shopping list. I plan to use the Hall Sensor to measure the flux of a magnetic door lock. It has dual power modes, and it may differ when the armature plate is mis-alligned, although I have laser alignment confirmation for that...

Check for shorts where there shouldn't be any. It's probably an internal short of some kind.