Hall sensor combined with a mosfet to get a digital pulse signal

Hello all,

I'm going to try to explain my problem as good as possible since English is not my native language and I am not that good with electronics in general.

SO I have a hall sensor (ss49e) that goes to an analogue input so i can read out the distance of a magnet. So far so good. Now I want to know the exact moment when I touch the magnet towards the hall sensor.

I know I can make a loop function that checks the value over and over again till something changes, but that will just require a lot of energy and it also makes it so that the entire code can't do anything else.
Second I have 8 hall sensors in the project so...

So is it possible to connect a hall sensor to an analogue input and also a digital one (INPUT_PULLUP) with a mosfet that maybe create a peak pulse when there is a change in distance?

If so, how do I connect those, what mosfet would suit my needs and can I use both a digital and analogue on one hall sensor?

I hope I explained my problem well enough.

Thx alrdy for the help this community has offered and have a good new year all.

What time resolution is required for the "exact moment" detection?
100 ms, 10ms, 1ms, 0.1ms?