hammer solenoids


which (hammer)solenoids are easyest as possible, best would be out of the box, to use with arduino... i need to talk of 10 of them... any tips or links?


how about this...

  1. look in the catalogs and online suppliers for a nice 12V DC solenoid that is a) powerful enough for what you want to do, and b) that fits in the space you have...
  2. order one for testing...
  3. build a TIP120 driver circuit for the test solenoid (see the schematic at the bottom of this excellent page)
  4. get appropriately sized 12 DC power supply for all ten solenoids ( multiply single solenoid current consumption by 10 or 11.. it will be a big supply)
  5. test with one solenoid
  6. buy the other solenoids and wire!

hope this helps


Hey tilgino,

Are you whacking those hammers or talking to them?

BTW, what are you building that takes 10 hammer solenoids?

Regards, David