Hamming encoder for transmission BFSK

Hello, I need to build a code for encoding messages with hamming code (7.4) for transmission in BFSK, is there any library with this function?

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VirtualWire might be what you're looking for. I've never used it but it's very good at bitwise communication protocols.

Hello, I am working on a project in my house to write text and send between two arduino with the correction of Hamming errors via NRF24l01 + however I do not find anything on the internet about how to program an encoder and decoder for Hamming. I need some help,does anyone know where to find information on this?

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Has C code (at the bottom of the page).


The arduino and NRF24L01 + are good hardware for the development of and test of error correction codes, to test between 2 arduinos and 2 NRF24L01 + such repetition, hamming, Berlekamp?

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