hand held keyboard?

Hey guys, i have a project where I need the users input to send through a wireless internet connection , but since it is wireless I am not sure of what type of keyboard i can use with my arduino , one major thing is that it has to have a small form factor , and of course be compatible to use with the arduino with little or no extra hardware.. any insights?

How many keys? Here's 16, I have a 20-key keypad also. 434 MHz RF wireless

There were a fair number of such things sold back in the day when handhelds were pretending that they'd do handwriting recognition. Then they appeared in "remainder" shops at PDA interfaces changed faster than manufacturers could keep up. You can still find some on eBay and similar; if you get one from the Palm Pilot or Handspring era, they probably have a serial interface (usually logic level, but sometimes 3.3V.) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Belkin-Palm-Keyboard-/250916641110?pt=PDA_s_Pocket_PC_s&hash=item3a6bcc1956 (it looks like there are some for game systems as well. http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox360/accessories/headsetscommunication/xbox360chatpad )

An alternative might be replacement ("self repair") keyboard for cell phones (or a discarded cell phone), but those are more likely to be bare switches.

check this out, i think im going to try it http://cliffle.com/project/chatpad/arduino/

You say "keyboard".

Do you need to be able to type the whole range of A-Z, a-z, etc, etc....

Or will it suffice to send commands to the Arduino from afar?

If the latter, TV (etc) remote controls are easily interfaced to an Arduino, and the "keyboard" won't cost you very much, if anything.