Hand tracking glove for Android VR app

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to put together all of the necessary parts and knowledge for creating an Arduino project, that will be gathering data about hand and finger position in real-time, and passing it via Bluetooth to my phone. As the end goal, I want to use this data to create a very simple model of hand in VR application on Android. After doing my research I found many answers, but not all of them and what’s worse new questions came into place, therefore I’d like to ask you for your expertise.
I’m totally new to Arduino and electrics in general but I like to create stuff and I don’t worry about programming, so I believe that with your help on the physical part, this project will be totally achievable.

For better picture - I’m trying to create something along with this project . The difference is that:

  1. It has to be wireless (most likely over BT)
  2. I need IMU unit for hand position, in addition to fingers angle
  3. The result is a data set, sent to the Android app on my phone.

I conducted research and found the following parts , which I’d like you to review and advise:

  1. Arduino Nano 33 BLE - I’d like to sew on this board on the glove as well

  2. Li-Pol Dualsky 300mAh 30C 1S 3.7V vs Lithium Battery CR2450 3V Maxell
    Truth to be said - I’m totally lost here. I don’t know what battery to use, what voltage or if I need additional parts to connect it to my Arduino. All I know it has to fit nicely on top of the hand, be portable and charging possibility would be awesome. If you could advise here, I’d really appreciate.

  3. Regular sewing Thread

  4. Some resistors

  5. Breadboard

  6. Connecting cables male-to-male 20cm

  7. EeonTex Conductive Fabric vs. Adafruit fabric
    I’d rather take the second one because it’s cheaper, but I don’t know if the resistance will work in favor for me. this material will be stretched by bending finger only so it supposes to be quite sensitive for motion.

As I said I don’t have any experience in similar projects, that’s why I listed even quite basic stuff like wires and breadboard because if there is something else that I need or should have for project like that ( or for future Arduino projects, since it looks like lots of fun to me already :slight_smile: ) I’d like to know.

This project, unfortunately, is quite urgent to me, so if I can provide any additional pieces of information to make this process faster - please let me know.

Thank you for your help!

I have resolved point 7. It seems like adafruit fabric is a pressure responsive material, so I chose EonTex.

My issue with this project comes down to finding a proper battery for Arduino Nano 33 BLE and learning how to connect this battery to the rest of the elements. I have looked across the forum and there are many topics about it but they actually are contradicting to me. Any help is appreciated.

Any help regarding power supply?

"Any help regarding power supply?"

While developing your project, power it from a wall power supply. Once the project is working, you will have actual data as to the size and type of battery the device will require.