Handbook/Guide of common ICs?

Hello, first time poster and arduino/electronics newbie…

I have really been having fun with ICs lately, playing with LCDs and logic ICs (AND, NOR, NAND, etc.). It’s a bit tedious though, as I have a big kit of IC chips, but to find out what they do and how they work, i’ve been googling the code on each one, or going to digi-key and looking up the part numbers, then reading the spec pdfs.

I’m guessing (hoping) there is a book/poster/website out there with a list of commonly used ICs, along with schematics/specs for each?


I’ve used this site: 4000 series CMOS Logic ICs
It has a listing of a bunch of common 4000 series CMOS chips.

You could also look for a used copies of these classics:
The TTL Cookbook
The CMOS Cookbook

If you just want the specs. there’s alldatasheet.com.

It’s probably the largest collection of electronic component datasheets available.

But you would of course have to know what you are looking for.

I find google to work pretty well, except for “spamming” of the search results by fee-charging datasheet providers. Frequently google will turn up a manufacturers own data sheet faster than the manufacturer’s own web site (which is rather sad.) There’s a nice summary and useful data books at www.ti.com (texas Instruments) that cover multiple logic families indexed in multiple ways.

The TTL and CMOS cookbooks were great for their time (25 years ago!), but they’re pretty out of data WRT the chips you are likely to find now. A sort of summary sheet listing the chips and families commonly used by HOBBYISTS, NOW (and are thus common and easy to buy from hobbyist sources) would be a nice thing to have, especially if it included info on common ways to MIS-use the chips (like the cookbooks.) For example, a 74AC240 octal bus driver is used for both “neurons” and motor drivers in BEAM robotics, but you won’t find that out by reading the manufacturer data sheets!

thanks for the quick and overwhelming response! All of these links will come in handy.

MysteriousAges, that’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

westyfw, you make a great point. If there isn’t already an existing wiki on current chips (in context of hobbyist/hacking) perhaps arduino.cc would be the ideal place for it?

I’ll have to check the cookbooks out too, I am very interested in different ways to use the chips that I may not have thought about.

figured i would bump this thread with a link to a very expansive list that I’ve come across in my searches:


hope someone else can find that of use, I know I have!

FWIW there’s also a couple of relevant Wikipedia links:

List of 7400 series integrated circuits

List of 4000 series integrated circuits