Handheld graphical display / remote - Seeking advice

Hi All...

I'm trying to design a small, hand held, battery powered Arduino device that will receive data from another Adruino device. The data will be presented to the user on a graphical display, maybe about 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches in size. The same hand held device will be used to send simple commands back to the base device. The handheld device needs to run off of something like AA or AAA batteries, but the base device has bigger batteries available. Still, low power consumption is preferred.

I'm having trouble finding an appropriate display panel and trying to decide on a radio type. I know nothing about LCD displays but I do know a little bit about radios.

The radio system will be point to multi-point (base to one or more hand held devices). Handheld devices need not talk to each other and in fact some will just need to receive and display. The payload data probably won't exceed 24 Kb/s (kilo bits per second). The range is small, generally 150 feet or less. I realize I could use FSK devices but my concern is that there could be several of these systems deployed within range of each other and they should not talk with each other. I realize each packet is addressed, but with FSK there could be interference at the RF level. Or maybe not. I'm not really sure. I realize also that Xbee with spread spectrum solves this issue but that is pricy. There is no opportunity to arrange for different channels in advance, and the systems will be mobile and encountering each other with no prior knowledge that this will happen.

The display should be a matrix of dots so software can render any type of display. It should be low power and very readable in direct sunlight. It need not be LCD. It can be color or black and white. The priority is on readability.

So are these requirements just over the top or is this something that could be done with available components? I would appreciate any suggestions. I have not had much luck finding a display, although I am not sure where to look. With the radio, I have the opposite problem; there are many radio choices.

Thank you!

Thats a good idea, and thank you, but its not really feasible for this project. I think I do need to build my own device for this, unless I can find iPod touches for cheap ;-)

Check nkcelectronics. I just ordered a color display that sounds like what you want. $4.595 I think. Waiting on delivery.


Philips PCF8833 compatible (LDS 183 LCD controller) RGB LCD module with 65K colors and 4-wire serial interface. The module has RAM included, that makes interfacing and programming very easy.

This module has soldering pads with 1.5mm pitch, making it an ideal LCD module for hobbyists.


Module: 35.8mm x 41.65mm x 3.55mm)
Display: 26.87mm x 26.87mm (1" x 1")


Passive Matrix Liquid Crystal Display Panel, transflective, 65536 colours, negative mode
Display Resolution: 128 x 128
Logic Voltage: 2.9V
Backlight: white LED - 15V (Max) - 9V (Nominal) - 19mA
Interface: 4-wire serial

Too small?

NKC display in the middle of shield area of your card

I expect you would have it displayed seperately tho

Thanks everyone! Bob, that's cool! That color LCD does look nice, a little small, but at least I now know where to start looking and have an idea of price. Ideally it would be 1.25in X 2.00 to 2.25 in, but hey, I can't afford to have them custom made! And talking to it via serial is perfect. Price is fine. Between affordable LCDs and affordable transceivers, this is starting to look doable!