Handles in the c programming


I'm reading the Software Application Development D2XX programming guide.

Code somebody explain what the lower and upper cases of FT_STATUS ftStatus; is please?

Is ftStatus a handle?

What is FT_STATUS in C programming terms?


Declaring variable ftStatus, of type FT_STATUS. The library they give you provides the definition for the type.

In the stdio.h (Standard IO facilities) of avr-libc there is a typedef for FILE. It is described as "the opaque structure that is passed around between the various standard IO functions". So perhaps FT_STATUS is used as an opaque structure that is passed around between various D2XX functions. In that case, ftStatus is a way to instantiate the structure into something more specific (hmmm... or less opaque). When I use the things that are made with FILE it is not really obvious that it is from the FILE typedef

stdout = stdin = uartstream0_init(BAUD);

but the function was defined as

FILE *uartstream0_init (uint32_t baudrate)

so some people like to use variable name notations as reminders. e.g. ft = FT_STATUS