Handmade Digital | DIY | Craft - Manchester 14th May

Come down to Victoria Baths, Hathersage Road, Manchester (England) on Saturday 14th May to join crafters, hackers and makers from all over the country, as they showcase their work and ask you to get involved!

These stall holders will display their interactive and tactile works in a fun Handmade craft fair designed to get you inspired to make your own DIY artworks. We have artwork ranging from textiles to robots and sculptures to sonic and kinetic artworks.?


Hi Mike how much is this to get in (adult's and kids). Do you have to buy a ticket to the festival to go to this?

Well I absolutely have no idea. However, all of the art type shows I have been to in the past at Future Everything (was called Future Sonic) have been free so I am assuming this is free as well. Best keep an eye on the web site.

Just got confirmation from the organisers that it is absolutely free entry to the public.

Apparently there is one workshop that you have to pay for but you have to pre-book that.