Hands on examples

Hi all,

I just thought that it might be interesting to have a folder called "hands on projects" or "cacharreo" (excuse my spanish but I find no traduction for this word... ??? David any ideas?).

In it, we could share how we are working with arduino, or just how we or others are hacking electronic stuff. This could be a nice way of sharing ideas, and multiplying their uses. Like a "hardware library" or something.

As a first entrance, let me point you to some guys that have taken a bunch of toys, and explored how to make low tech sensors and actuators from them. It's pretty neat! There is a downloadable pdf file at: http://lowtech.propositions.org.uk/

Let me know what you think!


as part of the new website we are working on we are planning to include an area for people to freely upload their ongoing projects. This will allow to get feedback from others, etc. So far we have to make use of the forum for this.

Yet another link that will support fully functional projects and examples is "Tutorials" that exists now as a link in the main site. There we will be uploading the code and pictures to examples tested by members of the developers team (and in extention anyone). There are some titles there corresponding to examples we have already made but that we haven't had the time to post to the web. Just keep tuned and see.

BTW Cristina, when are you sending us you joystick example?


Hi David,

I haven't forgotten about you. My boss is torturing me right now with my writing, and concepts. So I have decided to concentrate on it and get it done as soon as possible, so that I can start prototyping and playing with my arduino set!! I promise to send you all my examples done in the Madrid workshop (decently comented), as well as my notes traduced to english. And any other program I may develop in the future. Just have some faith and patience... May Saint Resistor protect you.


Hi all!

Let me just point you to a page called SWITCH http://www.iheartswitch.com/ by Allison Lewis, an online DIY show where she and her friends focus on teaching young women about electronics through fashion and design. (Though I feel that more than just young women can benefit from the info). It is very easy stuff and explained step by step so anyone can try!

It just started so there is only one project on line, but it seems like a potential good source of tinkering material and stuff to mix and improve with our beloved arduino!

And who said that a Girl-Nerd can't dress properly ;) (I promise, this will be my only feminist post of the month)

i'm already in love... :)

Hi all!

I have just sent to the administrators two examples dealing with LEDs, I guess they will make them available in the next days.

The fist one, which I wrote in collaboration with Gustavo, helps you to controle a circle of 8 LEDs with a joystick.

The second one simulates a "shooting star" (ejem, doesn't really look like a star, but it shoots...) that travels through a line of 11 LEDs.

If you have any comments, evolutions or bugs please don't hesitate to let me know!



Hi all!

The examples on the shooting star and the LED circle are finally online, on the “Tutorials” section.

If somebody wants to see a small video of the little beasts working, just let me know and I will make them available.



@david what about a wiki area, thats editable by all? that works pretty well on this (german only) microcontroller diy tinkering page: http://www.mikrocontroller.net/articles/Hauptseite people even wrote arcticels about soldering and smd part numbers etc...


unfortunately that's not possible... the people who want to contribute will need to have a password

when the forum was open to anybody to post I spent a quite a bit of time cleaning spam..

having said this... we are about to launch a new arduino website (on the arduino.cc domain) I'm happy to have a wiki where anybody who asks can have a password.

since the main site is also a wiki we could promote to the main site any page written by users that makes a significant contribution