handshaking between arduion and multiwiiGUI

Hello,I am beginer in programation ,I have made a cheap quadcopter using : arduino nano ,mpu6050 as FC and nrf24l01 as receiver ,in the transmitter I have used arduino nano and nrf24l01.
the programme used is multiwiiRF24 .
I want to show the MPU 6050 values in the multiwiiGUI but in the arduino of transmitter .

Can anyone show me how I can make handshaking between arduion and multiwiiGUI?I need just the first orientation.

MultiWii_RF24.zip (390 KB)

Transmitter.ino (1.24 KB)

There seem to be about 30 files in that ZIP file and none of them seems to be an introduction or explanation. Sorry, but I am too lazy to try to figure all that out.


please , I want just understand the handshaking between arduino and multiwii GUI.

There are 62 files in the zip file, none of which appear to be related to a GUI.

Which files do YOU think are? Where are you planning to display the GUI?

Thanks PaulS,I found the MULTIWII SERIAL PROTOCOL library ,so I think I can use it to
show the MPU 6050 values in the multiwiiGUI from the arduino of transmitter ( like 3dr telemetry).if I find some problems I will ask you again. :wink:

MSP-master.zip (18.2 KB)