Handy robot

Alright I’ve really wanted to make my own robot and I’ve been working on this project for a month and it’s leaving me stumped… Also im a beginner. Anyways what I’m trying to do is have the robot fallow my hand with it’s IR compound eye. The eye and servos work but it sounds like the servos are tens and always making sounds even when their not moving. The H-brig part of the robot controller gets really hot too. After I found it getting hot I haven’t tried anything with it since.

This is were I got the idea from, I was originally going for this robot but I couldn’t find the body for a good price. Also I am using the batteries from this project they have a voltage of 1.2 and 1900 ah and I’m using 4 of them.

This is the closes thing to my project but this one uses two servos were my motors are. I ran this code for me to test the head out thats when I noticed the head servos making a lot of noise.

my questions are has anyone used this magician robot controller, How do I program the motors, and have i messed this thing up?

Also this is all the information I could find on the controller