Happy 4th!

To those in the US, Happy Independence day!

tonight, i dine on grilled marinated boneless chicken :D As it is now on the grill, i can smell it cooking 8)

To those not in the US, i simply wish you a happy 4th of July!


Happy 4th to you too. I had the same thing for dinner.

Happy Brexit 1776 Day.

Glad it all turned out well for you, eventually.

Hi, I couldn't sleep the other night local, US 4th July daytime, so I turned on PayTV.

World Hotdog eating contest!!!!! :o :o :o :o

And the guy that won it for the 10th year in a row didn't even eat them properly. He ate two WIIIIIIEENNEERRS [u]then[/u] two drink soaked rolls, where is the Hotdog eating in that. Isn't the WIIIEENNEERR [u]IN[/u] the roll a hotdog? Wheres the cheese and sauce or Ketchupppp.

Lucky I only saw the last 2 minutes, 70HDs in 10mins, only in America.

Tom.... :) Now GumBoot throwing, theres a sport. Cockroach racing...

TomGeorge: World Hotdog eating contest!!!!!

Whatever happened to the cigarette smoking competitions?

I watched the hot dog eating contest for the first time on the 4th. Have to admit, it was absolutely disgusting.

One of the contestants said he practices by drinking 3 gallons of milk to stretch his stomach. Reminds me of the Five Chinese Brothers story where the one could swallow the ocean.

A hot dog eating contest sounds like more fun.

AWOL: Happy Brexit 1776 Day.

Glad it all turned out well for you, eventually.

Never thought of it that way. Do you have a copyright on that quote?

Not much different today. Different king/queen, different parliament, same outcome.


Too easy

if(millis() - timer > interval){

Is the most useful line of code. It's hardly debatable.