Haptic feedback in musical instrument


I'm working on a musical instrument using sensors for sound synthesis input. Some of these sensors have certain thresholds and it would be good to be able to give the player some kind of feedback that they have hit a threshold. That feedback must be very subtle though and mustn't be audible. I've been looking a little bit on haptic feedback, but I'm worried the vibrations will be to loud against the casing of the instrument.

These are the variants I've come up with:

  1. Feedback at the sensor in question (as short as possible, preferrably just a "tick"). Could this be done with something other than a vibration motor of some sort?

  2. Several small vibration motors on a wristband, each motor coupled with a sensor (the softness of and closeness to the skin might reduce noise of the vibrator).

How would I go about greating just a single "nudge" instead of vibrations which can be quite annoying and confusing.

The sensors in question are mostly these: Force Sensitive Resistor 0.5" - SEN-09375 - SparkFun Electronics


Would not the changes in sound your instrument makes be sufficient feedback?

Or you could light little leds....