Hard drive motor control?

ive got 2 hard drive motors which both have 3 pins i know that they can run at 5v(tested with arduino) but i know its a stepper motor so i cant fully spin the motor but i do have some stepper motor driver chips (L293D) is there anyway i can control these motors?

3 pins doesn't sound like a stepper. Usually minimum of 4 wires. What you have is probably a dc motor with speed (tach) output and 12V for supply.

I tried 12v but nothing happened it just shifted a bit then stopped i just did a bit more searching at it looks like a BLDC motor

It's a three-phase brushless DC motor.

http://elabz.com/brushless-dc-motor-with-arduino/ http://elabz.com/bldc-motor-with-arduino-circuit-and-software/ http://elabz.com/brushless-dc-bldc-motor-with-arduino-part-3-the-stroboscope-project/

ill take a look at that thanks