Hard /Mechanical Switches to Soft Switch


Currently I am using a Rotary switch, as shown in the image attached. The purpose of this switch is to select a source from multiple Sine wave sources.

I want to move to soft switch(s) instead of mechanical switch in other word Micro controller based. Since this is not just a logical voltage output (like transistor output or straightforward) and hence having difficulty to design.

Requesting your help in this regard?

Thanks in advance,

Rotary Switch.jpg

Connect each input to a separate pin. Use some logic in the code to determine which pin to read. Piece of cake, unless I'm missing something.

I read the problem differently than PaulS. I don't think the issue was reading the 4 inputs in the Arduino (in which Paul's solution would work), but instead you have 4 analog streams, and you want to pick one to go to the speakers, guitar, etc. I would think you would want to use 4 relays, that each either passes the current through or not. Then you join the outputs of the 4 relays to the ultimate source. So in the Arduino, you just switch the relay of the sound effect you want to on, making sure the other 3 relays are off and the relay are not passing current.

Perhaps something like this: http://yourduino.com/sunshop2/index.php?l=product_detail&p=155

If the issue is switching on/off audio signals, vs. power-level signals, I think that relay board is way overkill. Why not use something like a four-channel optoisolator, or a solid-state relay? Much smaller and easier to handle. Also, no mechanical switch to cause pops in the audio.

What about something like this?