hard wire exhaust control valve, replace remote

im trying to improve on a product i found and love, just the remote control i can do without .
what i want to do is chuck the control module and remote key pad . and hard wire the control to the dash.
what this controls is a butterfly valve in the exhaust that is fully open for hi flow, and fully close for a stock sound
i want to be able to choose from fully open, close and everything in between from my dash. i would rather hard wire something
than have a remote control , that can go out at any time or loose .
i need this because i dont always want to drive around with a wide open exhaust.
its going on a 1995 honda civic hb turbo 346hp its my everyday car and race car

im very new to all this and not sure what im going to need
but i would like to use something like a volume knob to adjust
the valve position i would even be happy with a button set up to
open 100 % ,50% , 0%

scroll to the bottom of page for videos

Seems like it is probably doable but you'll need to see what kind of signal is sent from the control module to the muffler's actuator before we can really assist in how to control it via an arduino. Or maybe you can contact the manufacturer and see if they can give you more info on that.

ive looked at the web page and installs and it looks like i can just cut it out of the loop and replace it . the muffler just has a motor. the module looks like a remote relay

It appears the motor is nothing more than a power window motor and you can control it with a regular dtdp switch.