Hardcode AT commands

We are fairly new to Arduino. We are using HM-10 BLE module. We can send AT commands to the HM-10 module. However, for our project, we need the Arduino board to send the AT commands automatically (without us using the Serial Monitor). So, is there any way to hardcode the AT commands into a sketch and upload to Arduino? Thank you!

Yes there is. Unfortunately I don't have an example with me, but you create something like this char message* = ("ATwhatever"\r); then to send it Serial.write (message*);

I'm sure the syntax needs work there, but it's along those lines.

And the search feature is not very good, I don't think I could locate the topic where folks helped me with code to command a GSM/GPS module with sequences like that.

Here you go, read thru this topic to see different ways of doing it. https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=399606.0

@CrossRoads Thank you for sharing the link. We will try to understand and implement it into our code. We will keep you posted.