Hardware advice: LED Grid Table

Hello all,

I need some advice. I am trying to build a White LED underlite table which is divided into a grid of 12 by 24 to create around 200 cells. Each "cell"will be comprised of 36 LEDs in a 6x6 grid and wired together, which at 12v will draw about 0.1A.

I don't really want to use individually addressable LEDs as these are relatively more expensive than normal non-addressed ribbons, plus also I don't know if 10,000 LED would cope.

I have had a few thoughts on how to control each of the cells from using from using something like a Ws2812chip for each cell, or relays, but making something cheap, simple and reliable is key.

(I could take the grid size down to 6 by 12 each with 12 x 12 LEDs 144LEDs each)

Thanks in advance


If you don't need the full brightness of each cell I would multiplex it. For 12 x 24 you just need 12 + 24 outputs. I think I would use two PCA9685's to drive mosfets for the 24 side (say, rows). And use a P-mos (driven by a NPN) directly from a digital IO to drive the columns.

These groups of 36 LEDs... How are you planning to wire them? How many series resistors and what value? Why will they draw only 100mA? That seems quite low, 8mA per led?

What's the voltage drop on your white LEDs?
I'd go with like a 48V supply, use several strings of 12 LEDs per square.
I have a board that can sink 20mA per output from 50V source, with 96 outputs per board. Use 3 boards to control your 288 grids.