Hardware Advice

Hello all,

I'm a high school robotics teacher and I'm trying to shoehorn some Arduino into our latest build.

We have a robot driven by 2 Talon Sr motor controllers with a servo powered arm(6 axis - 8 servos) that is meant to construct a wooden boat from parts in the competition arena.

Most of the mechanical bits have been prototyped or built and we are now tackling the control system.

My thought was to have a simple analog reading set-up with a miniature version of the arm controlling the arm from the controller(using trimpots on the joints with servos) and a two slide set up for the drive train(linear potentiometers).

All of this would connect to each other via xBee modules.

My question is, given these parameters, will I need two Arduino Mega boards(one on the robot, one on the controller) to make this set up work because of the need for so many analog pins? We currently have lots of Arduino Unos and I am ready to order the rest of this project.

Alternatively, would there be a better board(s) for this set-up?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Mitch Way

If the Mega has enough analog pins then it would seem to be a simple and convenient option.