Hardware and programming help wanted for Red/Green traffic light *paid gig*

Hey all!

We're looking to reuse some parts from a traffic light that had a simple remote control to automate it's functionality.

We have:

  • 24V Red LED board
  • 24V Green LED board
  • Two sets of electric eyes (24V) - when the beam is interrupted, one of the wires is powered for as long as the beam is interrupted.
  • Two remote controls (will probably not be reused)

The traffic light will be used on a track and needs to have the following functionality, :

When Eye 1 (start) is triggered, send a wireless signal to the traffic light to turn red.
When Eye 2 (end) is triggered, send a wireless signal to the traffic light to turn green.
Another way to operate can be using a two-button remote control that overrides the Eyes. One button will serve as an on/off switch for the red light, the other button as an on/off switch for the green light. Both lights cannot be on at the same time. If both lights are off from the remote, the Electric Eyes take over again.

Another exception is if Eye 1 is triggered multiple times before Eye 2 is triggered.
The light should stay red until Eye 2 is triggered as many times in a row as Eye 1. In other words, if two cars pass the start line, the light should stay red until both cars pass the finish.

The system will most likely be powered by a car battery with a solar panel to keep most of the charge, but will also be regularly recharged. If we find a 24V battery that will be great, otherwise we'll use a 12V with a converter

Parts we need to reuse:
-24V Red and Green LED board
-Two sets of electric eyes

Parts needed to be suggested:
-RF system
-Hardware to power the Arduino and wireless transmitters and receiver coming for a 24V source.

I believe the easiest way would be to buy an RF kit with 3 remotes and a receiver. We would use 1 for the manual function, and the other two for each Electric Eye. The receiver would of course be in the traffic light.

Does this make any sense? We're looking to pay someone to do the coding and help out with the hardware suggestions.

Thank you!

Here's someone who is offering what you need:

Hi andoodle,

Just a few questions about your project...

  1. You want to power the "system" with a single 24V battery, but the components are distributed (two 28V sensor "eyes" communicate wirelessly). Do you envision one battery or three? If one, then how did you plan to supply power to the sensors?

  2. How do the sensors indicate detection? Can you post details on them?

  3. How far apart are the sensors from the main unit?