Hardware folder missing in the new IDE. Please help

In the old 1.5.7 version of the IDE there used to be an 'avr' and 'sam' folders under 'arduino-1.5.7\hardware\arduino'.

I can't seem to find these folders under the new 1.6.2 IDE. I went into board managers and downloaded the package for the Due. Still no luck. Can someone please point me to where these folders are. For many of my work I used to go in and modify parameters in those files. Need to make some changes in the new IDE.

On Mac and 1.6.1 it is still there under:
Macintosh HD ▸ Applications ▸ Arduino ▸ Contents ▸ Resources ▸ Java ▸ hardware

For whatever reason they did move all of the files in Windows. They are now in


I don’t believe there was any mention that this was going to happen but it did.