Hardware for iPhone controlled robot

I need some help, pls.
I want to drive a pretty heavy device (arround 10kg) on even floor.
The two brushed motors will draw 4A max each.
a passive third wheeel is balancing the whole thing.
Typical 3 wheel setup.
Coul you help me with a good driver board?
I will use a nano to control the driver.

Furter I am looking for a solution to operate it via bluetooth and an iPhone.
(I already have a Adafruit bluetooth breakout board)

Any recommendation or help from someone that did a similar project would be great.

Post a link to the data sheet of the motors. Drivers are selected according to the motor characteristics.

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Hi @LX_Thunder,

Yes, we need the data sheet to the motors. Also, here is a DIP-8 driver that can handle up to 13A continuously for only 85¢! It is only a single channel though. RZ(Wuxi Smart Microelectronics) | RZ(Wuxi Smart Microelectronics) RZ7886 | Motor Driver ICs - LCSC.COM

I've used it without any problems in extreme temperatures outside for driving 3A max linear actuators.

Its one of those.

3 Amp on this tiny thing?