hardware help for the mind controlled nerf gun

Here is a link to the project http://hex-machina.com/hw/mindbullets

Ok so they are using NeuroSky mindset in this project this project was last updated in 2011 saying you can use the mindwave but the only problem is is that it does not use bluetooth so i was wondering if i can use the new mindwave mobile which has bluetooth in it th EXACT way the mindset is used in this project without any extra steps.

The project uses a BlueSmirf module which is a bluetooth module, so you might have to explain, why you think that it doesn’t include bluetooth. I haven’t read the whole project description and I don’t know the hardware you mentioned (BTW, you forgot the link to it) so I might have missed something.

link to mindwave http://store.neurosky.com/products/brainwave-starter-kit

her is what the project says about mindwave and mindset

One more note: I used the more expensive MindSet for this project because it comes with Bluetooth built-in. The MindWave is about half the price, but it uses proprietary RF communications rather than Bluetooth, which makes it fine for desktop computers but a little painful to use in hardware projects. If you feel like saving three Grants, though, there are instructions located all over the internet for hacking the MindWave into Arduino projects.

so i was wondering if i can use the mindwave mobile instead instead of mindset (expensive) and mindvave (reg) with out spending the extra money and doing the extra hacking

NVM i found this but thanks anyways and any other suggestions and tips would be nice