Hardware Libraries

Hey There Guys.. :) :)

I have made my own Arduino Alternative with the Atmega644P and the Atmega16U2. Now how do I program it as an individual standalone board?

I mean, like selecting the Board in the tools menu and clicking the upload button...

Install a custom core that supports that chip - hansibull’s minicore is my recommendation for x4 series.

Load the serial firmware onto the 16u2 - I think you have to do this via ISP, but I’m not really sure.

I only use real purpose built serial adapter chips unless I have a good reason to introduce the added complexity and reduced durability (against electrical abuse) of a 16u2 (I’m convinced these are much easier to fry. We almost never have people here talking about frying a CH340G or FT232R (there are the counterfeits, but that’s different) - but we get at least one guy a week with a fried 16u2. So unless official boards greatly outnumber clones, or users of clones don’t post here (unlikely - we get every other imaginable problem with clones), we should conclude that the 16u2 is fragile.

Then load the bootloader onto the chip using your ISP programmer

And then you should be good to go assuming your board design is okay.