Hardware mixing for Duckeron RC Plane Delta Wing Setup.

Hi, I was wondering if it's possible and if anyone has code for doing duckeron mixing for an RC plane.
Basic idea is a set of 2 duckerons which move as if they are one surface to act as aileron (d1 and d2 move opposite) and elevator control (d1 and d2 move together) and rudder control is done via opening the "beak" of one side to increase drag on that side to turn the plane. Speed brakes are done by opening both duckerons at once.

Servo layout is D1 (duckeron 1) has D1S1 (duckeron1 servo 1) connected to the top duckeron surface, D1S2 to the bottom, D2s3 goes to the other side's top, D2s4 to the bottom.

4 channels are output from transmitter via pwm to inputs on the arduino hopefully. Elevator, Aileron, Rudder, and a 4th channel can be a channel to tell both channels for duckeron opening to work. The Pwm signal output will be -100 to 0 then to +100 so 200steps with transmitter center stick = 0. Rudder 0 to -100 will apply left rudder gradually up to max rudder, 0 to +100 will apply right rudder gradually to max rudder. Speed-brake on a seperate channel will simply add 0 to +100 as a percentage to whatever the rudder signal is at. So rudder -50 and speed-brake -50 will apply full left duckeron opening and half right duckeron opening increasing overall drag to slow down the model but also not going past the full extent of the servos.

The aileron and elevator channels will move the overall duckeron as one, AFTER the calculator for rudder and speed-brakes so hopefully it will have ail/ele control + drag on the side or both sides as needed.

I can do this in transmitter but I'd like to attach a standard gyro for stability and the outputs are elevator, rudder, and aileron as if it were a normal model. One option I saw was to buy 2 hardware vtail mixers to attach after the gyro and have 2 separate rudder channels to open the duckerons where needed but the gyro outputs -100 - 0 - +100 as a single signal which AFAIK would mash the duckerons together when one direction is used since my duckerons will need to be both set to the middle for zero/middle of the range of signal. I have NO idea how to code this though, I believe I would need a very small arduino with 8 digital i/o's (4 for input, 4 for output of each servo). Servo's I'll be using are standard HXT-900 analog servos. I have a Teensy++ available to use for hardware. My ESC will probably be outputting 5.5volts though, not sure if receiver > arduino would have 5.5v on the signal line or not? The power wire can just be wired direct from receiver to servo with the signal going to arduino to be mixed appropriately then out from arduino to servo.

Anyone have any code that would work?