Hardware - object detection on 2D plane - Philos labyrinth

Hello everyone!

I would like to control the path of a ball by tilting a plane (with 2 servos or equivalent). Eventually, I would like to automate the Philos Labyrinth (cf. image). Note: the marble I want to detect is 16mm wide.

My question is about the Hardware I should use for object detection, I thought about a static camera mounted above the plane, would a pixy cam be accurate enough ?

I will need to project the spherical coordinate to x, y coordinate on the plane. But it isn't a real concern, I can do that.

I think I will also need to, either, assume that the tilt angle of the plane won't affect the position of the ball returned by the camera, or I will have to use a smart function that compensates this error. I think I can do that as well.
((Like when the ball is on the outer edge of the plane and it tilts the plane to bring the ball towards the center, the camera may see at first the ball going outwards, perhaps leading to an overreaction, or a wrong reaction in some cases.))

With a camera mounted far enough above the plane, like 50-60 cm above, I could minimize these troubles. But the camera needs to have a relatively good detection capability.

Would you suggest an other camera for such an application ?
Thanks for your time reading this :wink:

Great project!

would a pixy cam be accurate enough ?

That depends on the camera and the details of your particular setup. Try it and let us know. If that doesn't work, there is always the Raspberry Pi and its camera, which will run much more accurate blob tracking software.

I will have to use a smart function that compensates this error

Very likely, and it is simple to do.