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Can I use Arduino to mainipulate 32 bit wordframe using SPI?

Please let me know,how can I manipulate from experts

What is wordframe?
Is there anything different from just transfer 32-bit data?

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Please describe in detail what you want to achieve? E.g. "I want to intercept SPI data, modify it and pass it on to another system". The more detail you provide, the better the answers that you get and the faster your problem will be solved.

Hi Chris,
thanks a lot for your feedback
No, it is same as transferring 32 bit

It's absolutely easy to do that for Arduino.

Hi Sterretje,
I want to establish, communication between SPI Slave and master, SPI provides an slave interface supporting a 32 bit full duplex communication between the SPI master and slave up to 10MHz. Can I achive this using Arduino?

Can you please explain how?

I just say to please use the default SPI library, because nothing is explained about your situation or project.
Also, I can provide a link to that description.

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