Hardware required for a stepper motor

I bought the Arduino Experimentation kit from Adafruit and have been slowly adding parts from eBay in the last week or so. I want to add a stepper motor, but I'm unsure of the hardware required to interface and control it. I don't really want to invest in the motor shield quite yet, so I'd like to do it with my existing components.

What elements do I need to connect with the motor? Many of the tutorials I've seen show an "array" or something else.

Two types of stepping motor:-

A very simple way to interface with a stepper moter to start with is to use a StepGenie controller. The web site is: http://www.stepgenie.com/ All you really need is the chip and 4 hexfets plus a stepper motor. You can get it all from them for about $20.00 plus shipping. I bought one set to see how easy it is to use and it really is easy. Build the controller and it only takes 3 pins to control it. Enable, Direction, and Step are the 3 signals you use. I have interfaced it with the Picaxe micro-controller and it worked very well as well as running it from the computer.

Hope this helps. Dan