Hardware requirements - Vehicle speed sensor

First of all I'm new to the forum. Hi every one!

I'm looking into whats required for a vehicle VSS pulse counter and a readout using a LED display or digital 3 digit display in kilometers per hour. I would like to utilize something suitable for a windscreen HUD so maybe something that can be inverted or i guess at worst i could mirror it.

I'd like the readout display to be similar to this digital dash from my 1985 Holden Calais.

Any help on this quest would be great.

As i understand these are the basic requirements
Runs off car battery power
Reads pulses from a 2 wire VSS
Display KPH in a 3 digit display

Nice to have
A physical dial or button to hop the multiplication for matching the final drive ratio of the car.
If possible display in reverse

Looking forward to hearing suggestions!

If you’ve already got the VSS and all you need to do is read pulses from it then all you need is an Arduino UNO and some 7 segments to make your display with. You have to decide based on the number which segments on the display to light up, so reversing it is trivial.

Do you have a display in mind? Ebay has all sorts of 7-segment displays.

There are lots of different strategies for controlling 7-segment displays. None of the many 7-segment displays I've used have been very difficult to control but the easiest of all are the ones which accept serial input.

Sparkfun sells a variety of serial 7-segment displays.

I just linked to this video comparing a couple of rangefinders in different thread. I used a couple of SparkFun's serial displays to display the range values from the sensors.

I have lots of different 7-segment displays but if I want to quickly add numeric readout to a project I use one of these serial displays.

If you wanted to keep your project as simple as possible, a serial display would be a way of trading money for time.

There are zillions of options for buttons and knobs. There's example code for reading both buttons and knobs available from the IDE.