Hardware requirements

Hi all,

First off, I'm new to these forums so if this question isn't appropriate or in the wrong thread please let me know and I'll remove it/move it to the correct thread.

I'm working on building a type of smart wearable and am breaking up the development into smaller, simpler phases to eventually get there.

The first phase is basically making a glove turn on an LED after snapping my fingers. I plan to do this by using an accelerometer glued to the back of my middle finger and a type of touch sensor where my middle finger lands on my palm. The two components would act in sequence and turn on the LED if they both happened according to the criteria I establish in my code.

I'm pretty new at Arduino and coding so I'm looking for advice on specific hardware requirements for making this happen. My understanding is that I need a microcontroller, accelerometer, touch sensor, and battery. I'd like to use ribbon wire and design some housing to eventually hide most of the electronics.

If anyone could provide any guidance/recommendations for specific hardware so I can buy it and get this thing going it would be hugely appreciated.

But an Ardiono kit and work through the examples. After that You ought to ask Yourself if You want to push on with this really advanced project. Code is built from nemerous of small details. It's not like bringing a few ready blocks together.

Already doing that. Currently building a theremin as we speak :smiley:

No question whether or not I'm pushing on with this, but thanks for the warning.

I'm not totally on my own on the coding side. Like I said in the post, I'm really just looking for guidance on the hardware.

Adafruit make some small, wearable arduino that can be sewn into a garment, along with leds, sensors etc, so have a look at their website.

Awesome thanks so much. Looking through it now.