Hardware serial problem

Hi, I want use HW serial to have a bidirectional comunication with a VMUSIC module, the RX is OK, but I can't send commands. I have verified the TX with a logic analizer and I have found that Arduino send a byte(1 or 3) a CR,LF and then the char in serial.print().

It is possible TX only what is in serial.print()??


Are you sure you're not using "Serial.println()" instead of Serial.print() ?

sure, I have try also serial.write() but is the same thing!

So, now you need to post your code. It is unlikely to be a hardware problem.

Thanks to all!

It was a SW problem! I was using the analog button library that have an hidden serial.println() in it to trasmit the number of button pressed.I have modified the AnalogButtons.cpp file and now it's working well!

Wacky liby time ;D

Sorry, but slang is not for me.

What want you say with " Wacky liby time " ?