Hardware Suggestions

May you design an ARDUINO board for more advanced projects?

    • Micro USB instead of the huge USB connector
  1. – Chip clock i2c incorporated. Holes for optional backup battery.
    • Wi-Fi capability incorporated
    • Micro SD card socket incorporated
    • Bluetooth capability incorporated
    • 0 to 15 digital pins free to use (NO 0=RX0, 1=TX0 that is a real problem)
    • 0 to 15 analog pins free to use (NO SDA SCL)
  2. – 5 Volt operation. The most modules works with 5V (and TTL chips).
  3. – All pins 22 to 53 just the holes inside board for optional use and reduce size board.
  4. – Very slim board to reduce project box space and a small board to reduce size final project.
    Thanks for read the idea.