Hardware Verification/VHDL formalism for Arduino softcore

Hi All,

I'm working on a project that involves using hardware verification or VHDL formalism to test the Arduino. It's part of a larger project, but at the moment, I just want to know if there's a way to try to do it for the AVR8 Soft Processor here-http://papilio.cc/index.php?n=Papilio.ArduinoCore

Can it be done? And if so how?

I'm aware that there are several open source tools for doing so. I wanted the best method to verify the VHDL code.

Thanks in advance!

Guys, does anyone know how to convert VHDL into a Finite State Machine for the purpose of VHDL formalism/hardware verification?


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wrt your question:

Sorry, I've seen very little about VHDL on this forum. You might try - http://osvvm.org/ -