Hardy Install

Hey Gang
I am a newbie. My question is does the board have to be hooked up to get the IDE to install? I have configured all the libraries and java but I cannot get the install script for the IDE in 011 to run. I am using Hardy. Any suggestions

You shouldn’t need to have the board plugged in. I managed to get all the libraries/java etc through synaptic and then njust downloaded the tar file from the main site. I didn’t need to run any scripts, just changed into the untarred directory and ran from a terminal.

The poster may have had his problem solved by now, but for those who visit with the same trouble I had, let me share my experience with Hardy.

Basically you need to install at least 3 additional packages.

  • sun-java5-jre
  • gcc-avr
  • avr-libc

What web-sites I’ve seen do NOT mention of, is that if you jump on to the latest package of Java (sun-java6-jre) assuming later is better, things may not work. Other wise, at least on my machine the “arduino” script pops up an “Open file” dialog and froze.

The two (or more) different versions of Java can coexist.
From a terminal, type
$ sudo update-alternatives --config java
and select the version to be used.