Harp player

Well what do you do with a whole heap of scrap CD drives. I decided to make an automatic harp player using the read head mechanistic. Problem was that the drives were very different inside. So this is just the first stage with five strings being plucked and the computer filling in the missing notes. The next stage is to fit the motors and electronics for another five or six strings. Then build something that attacks the shorter strings from the other side. It has a MIDI input and controlled by an Arduino and port expander chip, as well as a lot of TTL doing the actual motor switching. I showed this at the UK Maker Faire such was the noise at the event it was hard to actually hear. So I took this video in my workshop (back bedroom).


Nice. :slight_smile:

Some acoustic shielding around the CD drive motors would probably help too.

Yes the box the motors are mounted on act like a sound board, so I will be filling that with sound absorbing material in the end.

Neat! When you said CD drives my mind went straight to the spinning hub and I was thinking it wouldn't have enough force to pluck a string. Mind now thinking of all kinds of stuff I could use this for...

Every time I see a project of yours, I really think 'how does he come up with it?' Amazing work! Can's wait to see/hear it finished.

This is beyond my vocabulary I have to use :astonished:

The way you use electronics is beyond mere science and engineering, it's art (not because you have music).

Go Team UK :D

We must show our electronic superiority once more :P