Has any one been able to write to device via USB Host Shield?


I've been trying for weeks to send a Sysex Meessage to a MIDI device, but no dice. This post is my reference, because I only wish to send a message out. My message is 141 bytes long. I don't know if the descriptors are all right. And I'm guessing that the Cheeky Mail Notifier code isn't all that clean and documented because in the Usb.setReport the byte EP argument is a static instead of using one of the descriptors, and is the comments you find more arguments than the ones being sent.

Does somebody has a recent project I can use as reference, describing the relationship between device descriptors, device configuration and USB.setReport arguments?

Any help would be appreciated.

PS. I have a sparkfun USB Host Shield usign Usb Host Libraries 1.0 with Arduino IDE 0022.