has anybody used the ASR M08-A module?

I finally broke down and ordered a speech recognition module like this one (not actually from there) http://www.goodluckbuy.com/asr-m08-a-non-specific-vocal-voice-recognition-module-voice-control-module-1g-tf.html

It has been relatively easy to find specs and docs on any other parts ive ordered. I can't find a darn thing about this module. Searches just bring up PLENTY of places that want to sell it to me, but no documentation. (None in english anyway)

Has anyone used this module and can you direct me to some sort of information about it?

Never used one, but found a bit of humor in this line of the product description:

  • SD cassette storage, more convenient, more humane.

New tech? SD cassette, more humane? No dogs or cats were harmed in testing? Here is a link to the user manual , but it is in Chinese. Here is another link to the connections manual, also in Chinese. It's a start maybe some one can translate them. Does it have any other markings on the module besides ASR M08-A? I'm interested to see how well this module works.