Has anyone added I2C to the Standard Firmata sketch (UNO)

I have been using Andrew Craigie's FirmataVB library with good results. However, I need I2C added.

I have also seen I2CFirmata sketch, and tried to merge it into the standard Firmata sketch. But I am pretty new at this, and C# is not my stength.

I need Firmata or similar generic protocol with I2C abilities.

Has anyone managed to marry up any of this stuff?

Well, it must be a tough deal. I know it's been a bumpy road for me. And nobody has chimed in.

I am finding that I will have to re-write some of the Firmata sketch, (well, the I2C_Firmata parts that I merged into Standard Firmata) because it is not "complete". It only handles transmitting one register byte. The EEPROM I am using uses two (10 significant bits). I am sure there may be other devices that require more register bits.

I have made the intializing routine that grabs the digital statuses to ALWAYS return a value, because the PC program isn't ready for the first transmission by the time the Uno gets through, and if I exit my program and re-enter, the program needs to know but won't get accurate info.

Given the challenges I am facing, I will probably come up with some additional Firmata commands to handle different scenarios. Like a I2C_Read_Extended and I2C_Write_Extended. But when newer versions of Firmata are released, I would have to rewrite all over again.