Has anyone else found the solution to put spaces in the plot labels in serial plotter? I have!

I found an interesting and simple way to put spaces in plot labels in serial plotter. It seems there has been some discussion of this previously so I thought I’d post it.

The solution is simple but not without some flaws. I’m out header describing each trace typically you use whirltespace, \t or comma’s to separate the labels for each channel. However if you want a plot label with a space it it most think you can’t, however simply put \f in stead of a space!

I often use this technique to put debug info after the plot label(s).

The flaw is that if you w made changes to the labels your writing then it’s neat to restart the serial plotter because it will overwrite the previous-existing line. Sure would be nice if the class serial offered a clear or if Frye flush method did it.

Hope this helps!

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