Has anyone ever used GPD2846A TF Card MP3?

I was wondering if anyone has ever used the GPD2846A TF Card MP3Decoder Board with 2W Amplifier Memory Playback for Arduino. I ask as I currently am unable to get Simple Audio Player to work with my Arduino too and figured that if I had an MP3 Decoder Board that had the single song I want on it I could trigger the play button with the Arduino to have it play the song when I want.

I've wired it all up, though there is no real documentation of where/what the 6 buttons are, just 6 locations on the board where they could be. I've tried bringing any of them to ground with a wire but nothing ever happens/plays back.

I just bought one as well. But I haven't got it figured out either.

I'll post back if I 'hear' something.

I got the little mp3 player working. Was not complicated.

I connected +5v and ground to it. And a speaker.

There seems to be three buttons. Each one has two terminals.

S1 The 'corner' connections are vol- and prev S2 pause play S3 vol+ and next

The above are per the table in eBay and other places.

I don't know about the other '5 buttons'. But not too sure they are needed.

I just copied three random MP3's to a 4GB SD card. Named them 01.mp3, 02.mp3, and 03.mp3. They are stereo and perhaps 320 kbps.

"GPD2846A TF Card MP3 Decoder Board 2W Amplifier Module for Arduino"

If left unattended, each song plays following the previous in a on going loop.

The major problem is that the same pin controls play and pause. So it is impossible to know which mode it is in. Maybe there is another voltage that can be monitored on the board to know.

I also bought one.
Connect and play mp3’s no problem.
But I still think how to control with Arduino.
Consideration a power supply, should the power supply always on or should the Arduino switch the power with transistor or relay?
Next the three switch, do i need a dry contact or can i pull down one of the contact to GND to switch?



for information, i find out the switch are not realy a switch. It is a voltage divider that go to a Analog in. Who knows how many hidden functions the module has.

regards ThomasD

To get Left and right channels stereo, solder short thin AWG30 "wire-wrap" wires to the pins 4 and 6 of the IC. These can go directly to the inputs of a stereo amplifier module board like the PAM8604. Connect the ground pins of the stereo and the GPD board. This GPD board can run on +3.3V OK, as can the PAM8604 audio amp. The module's default mono 2-watt amp plays Left channel only. Jump between pin 6 and C7 (input to mono 2-watt amp) using a 10K resistor in order to have both Left and Right channels in mono.

A 100K resistor can be connected through a push-switch to the 22K resistor (223) to cycle through four different EQ settings. The default setting is about the best: the rest are bass boost: mid-boost: and treble boost.

This device will enter the subdirectories of the SD card and play the MP3 files found there. Press S1 multiple times quickly to go back 15-20 songs. Press and hold S3 to raise the volume: S1 to lower the volume.


Thank you very useful info to extract the Left and Right channels.

Just to add a bit more info and other solution......

Pin 4 (left channel) of GPD IC goes to top of 'C3' (looking at board with SD card on the left) which is actually a 10K resistor. The bottom of C3 is connected to C7 which is also the input to Pin 4 of the Amp IC.

I bought two of these. I carefully soldered a 10K resistor from Pin 6 (right channel) of GPD IC of the first board to the bottom of C3 on the second board. Power and ground were common. I therefore got the right channel on the second board.