Has anyone got the FT801 libraries to work on a FT811?

I'm trying to use an FT811 5" capactive screen (EVE2) FTDI say the libraries are not compatible yet as they would need tweaking - has anyone managed to get one of these running from an arduino?

Many Thanks James

Try this:


#define FT800_PD_N         (8)
#define FT800_CS (10)
#define FT_SDCARD_CS (5)
VCC = 3V3

Select the TFT chip in FT_Platforms.h

/* Chip configuration specific macros */
//#define FT_800_ENABLE (1)
//#define FT_801_ENABLE (1)
//#define FT_810_ENABLE (1)
//#define FT_811_ENABLE (1)
#define FT_812_ENABLE (1)
//#define FT_813_ENABLE (1)

TFT: FT813, 5" from Riverdi

After some experiments, this is the GD2 modified library for FT81X TFT´s. THX jamesbowman and lightcalamar.

TFT: FT813 5", 800x480, capacitive touch, from Riverdi
Breakout-20 or Arduino shield from Riverdi

Gameduino 2: modified library for FT81X