Has anyone made the move from Arduino to Cypress Psoc?

Is it a big change in the way you do projects?
Are there any software abstraction layers to ease the process or are you having to mess with registers from the beginning?

"PSoC Creator" has a bunch of abstraction, IIRC. But it's not very Arduino-like.
(Abstraction layers would be much nicer if everyone agreed on HOW things should be abstracted.)

I took one of the Cypress training seminars (back in the PSoC 3 days), and one of the other attendees made the interesting comment that they had put both logic design (for their programmable logic features) and SW design into the same IDE/Project, even though it was pretty common for those functions to be done by different people (even different departments) at many companies...

Note that Infineon is trying to acquire Cypress. I don't think that that's far enough along for anyone to have said what it means for individual product lines like PSoC...