has anyone managed to get ESP32-CAM to stream on the internet using pagekite?

I have loaded the CameraWebserver software from the examples into my esp32-cam and altered the ssid and password to suit.

I can see the video on my local server on
I can see the same thing if I open my explorer on my phone and start the stream from there.

I have downloaded pagekite and run it. I have (somehow, as I have been told it is an IIS problem) managed to get the IIS website to show on my local ip address and the pagekite software sends that to the website it should be sending my esp32-cam picture to.

I understand pagekite is sending the information it sees at port 80 (I assume this is where is also showing up.) to the website.
On the python command prompt page that pagekite is running on it says
Flying localhost:80 as https://rbarton.pagekite.me/
Which I take to mean it is forwarding the contents of localhost 80 to the website. The website shows the Page from the IIS website when I run the python software.

  1. Has anyone any experience of this and can you help me solve the problem?
  2. or alternately have you managed to get the ESP32-cam to stream on a web site and how did you do it?


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