Has anyone seen a Good-Display DES display?

I'm purchasing my 1st ePaper display. Right now Good-Display is at the top of my list. I'm starting with a monochrome display.

Good-Display has a new "DES" type display they claim has better performance and is the next generation. Their specifications for resolution and pixel size does not bear that out.

Has anyone had any experience with the DES displays.


@JohnRob, Hi John, which member of the Arduino Forum would you expect to have?

See the list of supported panels in README.md of GxEPD2, the DES ones are marked.

My experience is these displays have a considerably better contrast. But many are not available, sold out, unfortunately.

DES (buy-lcd.com)


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I gave up on the DES and purchased a GDEW027W3 2.7" b/w.

Its certainly enough to get me going.

Just another note, it took me some time to realize the panels (all of them??) have the controller built in. I guess the "adapter" board is just for voltage level tranlation.

BTW I recieved an email from CrystalFontz they no longer sell tricolor epaper, only monochrome.


Yes, this is true for the SPI e-paper displays I know. The adapter board has the external components for the booster circuit for the panel driving voltages.
Parallel IF e-paper displays have simpler driving chips on the panel, coontaining shift registers. They need an external controller, or a fast driving processor.

BTW: I would prefer the GDEW0371W7 over GDEW027W3, it is newer and has higher contrast.


I came close to getting the GDEW0371W7 but for my first I went for the GDEW027W3.

Now I curious to see if the back is truly opaque, or can I call attention to a portion of the display by adding LED's behind a section.

I am curious too. This never came to my mind.
I would expect you will be disappointed. The silvery background layer will shine through, but because e-paper displays work by reflecting light, you will have negligible contrast. To be verified.
You can get front-light layers, but I don't know of segmented ones.


The black particles are either on the front, or on the back, or in between, or in a distribution of these cases for grey levels. Usually you can see a negative picture on the back side.

I see what you are saying. The black particles are "in the way" whether they are in front or behind the white. My only reason for adding rear LEDs would be to call attention to a warning condition.
Something like flashing RED leds. Maybe I can shine them around the periphery of the display.

My order has been shipped so I expect them in 3 weeks or so.


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