Has anyone used arducam?

Has anyone used arducam? If so, lets say I connect 4 arducameras to an arduino board, can each cameras take like 4 pics in a second and then store it in an SD card?


I should think Arducam's own example would be the best place to start: https://github.com/ArduCAM/Arduino/blob/master/ArduCAM/examples/mini/ArduCAM_Mini_5MP_4Cams_TimeElapse2SD_LowPower/ArduCAM_Mini_5MP_4Cams_TimeElapse2SD_LowPower.ino

This thread is somewhat old now, but given arducam’s recent release of an arduino shield that will take 4 mini-cam modules (2mp or 5mp), I am planning to develop a ‘poor mans surveiliance’ setup that uses such.

What i have working now is a Uno bearing a single ov2640-based 2mp mini-camera, configured to output RGB565 data, transmitting via ttl-level RS-232 to a Mega2560 that has a 220x176 graphic LCD mounted to it. speed is slow, picture quality marginal, but the overall setup is cheap. 12 bucks for the camera, 5 for the lcd shied and about 10 bucks total for two arduinos. adding 3 more cameras and the 4-way shied to carry them all will be about 40 bucks.