Has anyone used DIPMicro?

They seem to have a decent price on most components, even compared to bulk ones from china but they are a bit closer to me personally, so it'd take less time to get here. They also have 16mhz crystals much cheaper then sparkfun. I'm mainly wanting to know if they can be trusted. I've never heard of them before. I'm just wanting to check that it's safe.

I have placed 5-6 orders with them recently, all delivered with no issues.

I purchase regularly from them. Good quality and price. FYI, the sell my Phi-1 shield boards for Arduino too. :wink:

I just ordered $25 in all kinds of parts from caps to RS232 drivers to opto's to connectors. Get that 20% refund when they ship next week. Subtotal $25.75 USD Shipping and handling $3.39 USD Nobody else ships this inexpensively!

LOL Just be careful with some of their IC prices, might be avalible elsewhere cheaper. :D



CrossRoads: I just ordered $25 in all kinds of parts from caps to RS232 drivers to opto's to connectors. Get that 20% refund when they ship next week. Subtotal $25.75 USD Shipping and handling $3.39 USD Nobody else ships this inexpensively!

I just ordered/received over $100 stuff. Didn't catch the discount :0 =(

They have ATMEGA328 also.

Discount is on parts ordered yesterday thru the next several days while they are shut down. Parts to ship on the 14/15th.

Well, the cheapest atmega328's I've seen is semi-bulk of 10 or more from mouser. http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=ATMEGA328P-PUvirtualkey55650000virtualkey556-ATMEGA328P-PU

But yeah, all the other components looked pretty good as far as price (looking at resistors, capacitors, male headers, and diodes atm). Anyone able to say the time it took? I live in central US, any idea? (I would guess around a week, but it'd be nice if anyone could state the time it took. I know they are on vacation or whatever right now, just curious.)

Orders to eastern MA using priority mail have just been a couple of days. The less expensive standard delivery has been 3-4 days. But I'm only 1 state over as well if they are shipping from Niagara.

As CrossRoads stated, there's a discount going and the store will be back shipping on 3/15 But typically I get my packages within 6 days, always well packed. My location is under my avatar so a couple of states to your north :) I have a hunch they ship on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Yes, it's the price that sucked me in. I now own 1,000 0.1uF caps and 1,000 22pF caps :sweat_smile:. Sooooo cheap if you buy the big bags. I wish them good business. Sparkfun? Good luck! :grin:

I would stay far away from dipmicro.

I tried them out after reading review in this post.

Ordered a usbasp, had zero contact that item was shipped.

I emailed several times, called their number which isnt listed on their site, had to do detective skills to find it, noone answered.

They ship out of a pawn shop in Niagara, found that out by looking the address up on dipmicro's site.

I called the pawn shop and they told me they would get a hold of the owner to call me.

No call came.

So i then wanted a refund and had to go through the paces with paypal.

Owners name is Roman Ziak and he said i am not welcome in his store.....

What a loss lol

I will stick with Digikey for now on...

I used to buy a lot of stuff from DipMicro, the last couple of years they seem to be getting out of the electronics parts business. I never had anything not get delivered. They ship from Niagara Falls, Canada. Close to me in Boston area, is handy. I still buy occasionally, but not nearly as much stuff, mostly because they are not carrying as much. Mainly screw terminals, header strips, nuts & bolts. Roman has always answered my e-mails, and I always got shipping notices.

Most ICs, transistors I use Digikey & Mouser, sometimes Tayda Electronics (like for MAX7219; counterfeit or clone parts, but they have always worked). Tiny Sine (https://www.tinyosshop.com/) for FTDI Modules. They got burned with counterfeit FT232s a few years back, since then they ensure only good FT232s are used in their modules; Mini USB and Micro USB connectors are available, and a jumper to select 3.3V or 5V serial interface. Sometimes Arrow Electronics, sometimes Avnet.

I have not had problems with ordering from or the parts received from DipMicro.