Has anyone used SimCom sim7000a with Ting cellular provider?

This is pretty specific, but I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I don't think so.

I have used Ting with sim808 (2G cellular), no prob, it's what Adafruit recommends.

I upgraded to the sim7000a and got a new SIM card from Ting, activated it of course, but it won't register on the cellular network.

I got a SIM card from Hologram and it's working well (you have to buy / attach a phone number from Hologram) with the sim7000a

I only care about SMS but I'm pretty clear that my issue is that it won't register on the network at all. Maybe they sent the wrong SIM... maybe it just won't work with Ting for some reason?

Any help is appreciated, especially if you have experience with this specific combination, thanks!

Answer: it is not possible, SIM7000 series will not register with Ting: