Has anyone used the Linksprite wifi shield?

Hi guys

This question was asked a while back, but the only response was a a link to the supplier site and an eBay listing.

Can anyone share experiences or should I wait for the Async Labs wi-fi shield to become available again?


ive used a simular wifi shield with very much luch but if you have more than one arduinios you can go cheaper and more veritile and just get your self a couple of xbee wireless stuff witch is better but i had much sucess accessing ym robotics controls made in java studio online to pilot it i went ahead and and used the wireless transmitter that came with my ip cam and just ran a second window.

Thanks for the reply. I'm not too keen on Xbee...

I want to stream data to a Pachtube page. I also wanted to add a web cam to my project so the idea of using the IP camera to stream the data is interesting. I'm a beginner, so would appreciate a more detailed description of how to do this.

Thanks Ned